Eclipse RSS Reader

Eclipse RSS Reader

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing news headlines and other itemizable Web content. It has a broad range of applications, such as on-line news publishing (Yahoo! News), web logs (, professional bulletins (IBM developerWorks), and project updates ( Several versions of RSS are currently in widespread use. This fact has a potentially negative impact on applications designed to work with RSS. Often, an application capable of understanding one format cannot handle another, which reduces its usefulness and forces the user to rely on other solutions.

The Eclipse RSS Reader allows the user to create RSS channels, connected to on-line RSS feeds, and view the items they contain in several workbench views. Each channel can be updated from its source at regular intervals. The channel items can be browsed using configured link browsers. Because the Eclipse RSS Reader is built on the Eclipse platform, it has a number of advantages in comparison to other solutions:

International Challenge for EclipseThis project is one of the winners in the Open category of the International Challenge for Eclipse (ICE) Contest. Visit the Eclipse ECESIS Project page for more information.

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