Eclipse RSS Reader


The Eclipse RSS Reader is currently available in two major versions. The earlier version, 1.x, is compatible with products based on Eclipse 2.1.x; it is not compatible with Eclipse 3.0. Version 2.x is the forward development version and has been written specifically for Eclipse 3.0 (and later). As I no longer have the time to maintain the older version, it will likely be rather out of date with respect to bugs and features. If there's someone who is able and willing to maintain this version, please be sure to contact me.

Eclipse 3.0

First-time users, please download the IzPack installer, install-com.pnehrer.rss_2.0.2.jar and launch it (e.g., java -jar <path to the downloaded jar file>). If you already have version 2.0.x of the Eclipse RSS Reader, you may simply use your Update Manager to obtain the latest version. The URL of the update site is Alternatively, you may download and unzip it into your eclipse directory. To obain the plug-in sources, download

Eclipse 2.1 and compatible

Version 1.x of the Eclipse RSS Reader supports two target environment options:

  1. Eclipse 2.1.x. This option is suitable for all applications based on Eclipse 2.1.x.
  2. IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer v5.1 for MS Windows. This option is suitable specifically for the Windows version of WSAD.

There are three ways to install this version of the Eclipse RSS Reader:

  1. Download and execute the appropriate installer. This is the recommended installation method for new users. Eclipse 2.1.x users should download install-com.pnehrer.rss_1.3.0.jar; WSAD users should download install-com.pnehrer.rss.wsad_1.3.0.jar. To run the installer, type java -jar <the downloaded jar>. In Windows, you can just execute the JAR file.
  2. Use your Update Manager to install the appropriate Eclipse feature. This method is recommended for users who want to update a previous version of the Eclipse RSS Reader. The update site URL is Once connected, choose the appropriate feature for installation or update.
  3. Download the appropriate feature archive and unzip it into your eclipse directory. Eclipse 2.1.x users should download; WSAD uses should download Source archives for the two features are also available ( and, respectively). In addition, developers who want to extend the Eclipse RSS Reader may download, which contains developer documentation and source code.